We strive to get to know each customer on a personal level, all while providing exceptional service in order to make their vehicles more enjoyable to drive. We believe that positive interactions, high quality work, and sound results will lead to complete customer satisfaction. Get to know us on a personal level!



Amit Hiralall, Owner of ARH Automotive:


Amit's love and passion for the automotive industry began when he bought his first 1996 Eagle Talon ESi back in 2001. What started off as minor intake and exhaust mods eventually evolved into rebuilding the motor from the ground up, along with fabricating a custom turbo kit. Amit's Eagle Talon currently holds the world record for the fastest 420a engine with a time of 10.53 at 143 mph. throughout the years he has acquired a 92 talon awd, 97 talon esi and 06 evo mr. He has owned and built a 00 civic, 99 single turbo gs300. He is highly skilled in engine builds, fabrication work and has an extensive parts knowledge. Outside of the shop, Amit enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends



 Brook Miller, Co-Owner of ARH Automotive:

Brook is a graduate from Pinellas Technical automotive program. He started like all of us did at one point, building his car in his home driveway just to be able to take it out and race on the weekends. Brook took up a particular interest in automotive fabrication. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence are definitely his strong points. Brook has owned several Mazda's over the years. his personal best is a 11.3@128mph at OSW



Bryantt Lanman, Sales associate:

Bryantt has owned his 89 Civic SI since 2005, he has owned an array of vehicles including a Lexus sc300, several Chevrolet trucks and his daily driver Tahoe. He has run a personal best of 10.38@143mph in it. Bryantt has extensive parts knowledge and experience in Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota and several other platforms. He will always find a solution for every situation

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